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Relationshop Between Machine And Rotary Hook Of Weaking Machine

Jul 10, 2017

First, the general woven bag sewing machine to pinhole prevail, because the formation of the ring and the length of the tip is not directly related. The needle is raised from the lowest position up about 2.2 mm. At this point the tip is also located in the needle short groove side of the center, the needle on the line is in the ideal shape.

Second, when the woven bag sewing machine need to sew the thin seam, the hook shuttle mouth and needle center of the center spacing should be transferred to 8 to 12 mm, as long as the loose hook on the three fastening screws, the spin The shuttle clockwise direction of an angle, positioning spacing increases; the contrary is reduced.

Third, the needle and the speed of the hook with the correct installation of the needle in the premise, the needle from top to bottom movement, rotating hook rotation. When the needle is lowered to the lowest position, the shuttle tip of the hook should be within 10 to 12 mm from the center of the needle in the range of 14 & # 176;