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The excellent performance of woven bag sewing machine

Jul 10, 2017

China is the world's largest producer and exporter of woven bags, the country's production of woven bags manufacturers have thousands, thousands of state-owned enterprises, small to dozens of individual small factories, are in the production of plastic woven bags. I produced the container bag sewing machine using the most advanced technology, the latest design, nice shape. The most suitable for flour mill, starch factory and powder-like materials manufacturers seal, sewing pocket use. Horizontal installation for bagging factory sewing plastic woven bags, bags, paper bags and the edge of the circle, the series of machines can be a single dual-use. Especially the GK2-8 type of machine, installed the upper and lower machine teeth feeding, the most suitable for plastic film woven bags and paper bags to make. We Hebei Shen workers Sewing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. production of container bag sewing machine with more than 10 years of history, sewing machine in Hebei Province, Cangzhou industry competitions won the first place, and won the title of the product.