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Thick material sewing machine resistance caused by high-strength wire break

Jul 12, 2017

Thick material sewing machine in the high-strength long filament, the emergence of the filament yarn split line, continue to sew, the three strands will be broken together, and split after the reverse there will be a mess of thread, so doing thick material leather Very troublesome, and constantly break the line to make clothes on the needle hole and reduce the level of clothes. Why is the high-strength filament cut off? How to solve? To solve this situation, first check to confirm, thick material sewing machine used for the left twist line; check to confirm whether the use of the needle is the blade type needle, that is, leather needle, which can reduce the suture in the leather thick material In the frictional resistance, to meet the degree of reduction of twist; check to confirm whether the use of needle thickness and the suture used to match, it is best to use some rough needle, so that the suture in the pinhole can reduce the resistance. But also can reduce the suture in the sewing material to move the resistance to reduce the loss of the upper thread strength and twist changes; needle plate hole for bigger, the teeth are slower, can reduce the line resistance; appropriate to reduce the needle thread tension; Plus silicone oil lubrication, can also reduce line resistance.