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World sewing machine market where

Aug 04, 2017

Although China is a garment exporter, but it can be mass production of ordinary clothing, such as round neck shirts, shirts, pants, overalls, jackets, suits and so on. Mass production can not adapt to the rapid changes in the popular winds everywhere, so there are many small garment factories in Tokyo, Osaka, or in New York, and London, UK. They are doing a small number of fashionable styles and adapting to popular changes. Order. Garment factory all over the world every corner. Sales of thin material sewing machine business people know that thin material sewing equipment market in every corner of the world, most people are buying local clothing factory supply of clothing. As long as it is a little size of the city, there must be sewing machine store. In Taipei City has a "Foreign Trade Development Association Library", which collected the world's major cities of the phone number yellow pages, as long as there can be turned to find the major cities of the sewing machine dealers, importers of the phone number, Even the cost of going abroad can also be removed to find customers.