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How Should The Sewing Machine Be Maintained?

Jul 11, 2017

1, send the teeth cleaning: remove the needle plate and feed the teeth between the teeth, remove cloth hair, dust, and add a small amount of sewing machine oil.

2, the separation of the shuttle bed: shuttle bed is the core of the sewing machine work, but also the most prone to failure of the place, therefore, to regularly remove the dirt and add a small amount of sewing machine oil.

3, other parts of the clean-up: the surface of the sewing machine and the various parts of the panel should always clean and keep clean.

Sewing machine lubrication method:

1, the fueling parts: the nose of the oil hole, lubrication on the shaft and the shaft connected to the components; panel components and parts connected to the moving parts; lubrication foot and needle bar and connected parts; machine board Wipe the lower part of the activities and add some less oil.

2, maintenance of the sewing machine should pay attention to: After work, the needle into the pinhole plate, lift the presser foot, but also with the machine cover the head to prevent dust intrusion; start work, first check the main parts , When the severity of the situation, whether the special sound, whether the needle is normal, and so on, such as the discovery of abnormal phenomena, should be timely maintenance; machine used for a long time, to conduct a overhaul, such as the discovery of wear parts, To replace the new one.