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Some Sewing Terminology For Industrial Sewing Machines

Jul 10, 2017

The progress of science and technology has also led to the increasingly advanced garment machinery and equipment, the past foot sewing machine has been gradually high, medium and low speed electric sewing machine, overlock sewing machine replacement, the breakdown of the industrial sewing machine varieties of container bag sewing machine, weaving Bag sewing machine, thick material sewing machine, double needle sewing machine and leather sewing machine and so on. Although the operation of a variety of sewing machines are slightly different, but the sewing machine is basically the same principle of processing, to understand the master of industrial sewing machines and sewing terminology is very important.

The basic seam method and terminology of the seam

Flat seam: the basis of the seam, the two layers of clothing front overlap, along the sewing seam for sewing.

Separate the seam: on the basis of the flat seam, the seam will be separated from the nail or the iron.

Seal: On the basis of the flat seam, the seam is sewn with a single seat.

Come to the seam: the first to the top of the slit 0.3cm, trim hair tip, the fold was a positive overlap to sew the back of 0.7cm sewing.

Patch: the two layers of stitching each other in the middle of sewing, the seam suitable for lining, chest lining stitching.

Dark package seam: also known as the package seam, that is, two layers of superficial overlap, by the lower layer wrapped in the upper 0.6cm cut 0.5 cm seam head, flip in the front, clear 0.4cm single mouth of the seam.