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Use The Computer After The Car To Enhance The Efficiency Ratio

Jul 10, 2017

1, to improve production, a production line in the use of computer before and after the comparison, generally can increase the output of 30% to 50% or more (product flow and structure are different).

2, to reduce the production of workers, the current enterprises across the country are in the recruitment problem is difficult, a computer car is usually able to top 6 to 10 people of the workload, do not even the top 20 people work, greatly reduced Production work.

3, to improve and stabilize product quality, computer car is a high-tech precision products, can produce a stable, beautiful, complex all kinds of sewing stitch, is a high-grade sewing products one of the necessary equipment.

4, to enhance corporate image status, such as customers need to audit, inspection of the factory management level of production capacity, equipment and so on. Many of the main accessories of the product brand are now designated to require the use of computer car car line and pattern. So there is a computer car is one of the corporate image.

5, to reduce costs and increase revenue. Some companies feel that spend a few million to buy a computer car is not worth, but a careful calculation of a very cost-effective account. To a 30,000 yuan or so of the computer car, a computer car to the minimum workload of the standard (6 workers) multiplied by 1,200 yuan (basic wage + living standards, etc.) multiplied by 12 months to draw the following formula : 6 people * 1,200 yuan * 12 months = 86400 yuan. A year down, light labor costs on the province 86,400 yuan. Minus the cost of equipment, labor costs, net profit of 56,400 yuan, equivalent to a year down with the machine to replace the artificial can make two computer car.

6, product specialization, computer pattern machine can also be compiled all kinds of complex style, is the real modern high-tech products.