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What Happens To The Sewing Machine?

Jul 10, 2017

Double needle machine lubrication device is a small fuel tank, the use of oil line for micro-oil lubrication, which can effectively avoid the machine oil spill occurred. However, due to the lubrication design of the reasons, so that equipment in the long-term use will be due to various causes of poor lubrication, resulting in the machine "stuck."

The phenomenon of death is mainly in the rotary hook and needle bar parts. In this case we need to first remove debris, cloth, and then drop in the needle bar drops of kerosene or spray machine dedicated rust agent, and then wait for 5 minutes -10 minutes after the force around the hand wheel, stuck parts It will automatically lift. After the machine was turned, we wiped the oil with a clean cloth and sprayed the shuttle on the needle bar. After spraying the lubricant, it will dry the surface of the needle bar into a smooth layer, so that both wear and avoid the drop of oil into the ordinary oil.